Never Stop Falling- Read and Review


I received a digital copy of Never Stop Falling by the New Adult Book Club’s Read It Review It and the author Ashley Drew in exchange for an honest review.

The cover was what attracted me to request a copy in the first place, I could tell just from the title that the story would be a heart-pounding read and I was not disappointed. The story is set in New York and California and revolves around the main character Cori who as a student in high school falls in love with her best friend Nick. The first chapter of the story was what really drived me to continue reading. I was worried for the main character as she gets caught up in a situation that could change her life forever.

The story involves love, falling in and out of friendships, family struggles and re-collection of memories. For a debut novel, I was really impressed by Ashley’s writing style and enjoyed all of the characters within the story tremendously. They all had their own perks and interests. My favourite scene was when Nick and Cori on a return visit to California travel out to shoot photos overlooking the coastline. As a photography person myself (not a professional but do enjoy photographing coastlines), it was refreshing to see something that I could relate to within the story.

My only little complaint is that I think the story could be a bit longer. If Ashley is working or planning to work on a follow-up to this story or a short spin-off, I would definitely read it!

I would recommend this for older teen readers 17+ due to scenes of drug-taking and drinking as well as some swearing and for those who like romances full of adventure and trying to move on from the past and look forward to the future.

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