In Love With… My Local Supermarket’s Book Collection!


Last weekend, I went food shopping with my parents and dashed off to the book section. This is what I found and took a sneaky snap of the books when a couple of dudes had their backs turned to me and also because I didn’t want to look too suspicious or anything. So, the book section is rotated with books every week so some of the books on here now wouldn’t be on sale this week but they were last week since last Sunday is when I took the picture. Any books in the image catch your eye? Anything you’ve read or would like to read soon? I’m currently reading Behind Closed Doors by B.A Paris at the moment which is on that image, the row above from the bottom one. I also have a copy of Black Eyed Susans which I’ve mentioned on my blog in the past.

Now, you see that empty gap on the second row? I got the last copy of a special book on sale for a limited time only because… I like buy one get one free offers, OK? 😉

I’ll be sharing with you guys just what I got in another blog post coming up because I’m also reading a different book by the same author so let’s combine the posts together!

Alice x


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