The Book Subscription Box- 5 I Have My Eyes On!

Hello everyone! Welcome to a very interesting blog post that I will be sharing with you all today. And that is on the topic of book subscription boxes. But before I get into that, I just want to update everyone on my last blog post which was to do with The Hunger Games. Well… I managed to get copies of the other two books yesterday very cheap and the same cover style as the first book that I already had. So, my favourite trilogy is now back in my book bedroom again and i’m thrilled about that.

A book subscription box is a box sent out monthly or once every few months or so that contains a copy of a brand new book or one selected by book bloggers/buyers along with some freebie gifts that include badges, candles, teabags and bookmarks. They have been growing in popularity and have been huge all over social media with famous book vloggers sharing videos of them unboxing a book subscription box. For my post today, I’ve been exploring on social media and on the internet for boxes that caught my eye and have selected 5 of them to share with you all. If I had these boxes, I would include pictures of them but sadly, I’ve never had a book subscription box 😦 so I can’t really include any pictures. I’m being extra careful when it comes to including pictures with my blog posts, I don’t want to get sued for copyright. Onto the boxes!

Box #1- Prudence and the Crow

I found this box on the internet and was immediately interested. I love Vintage books and anything Vintage.

Price for subscription: £12.99 a month, one off box also £12.99.

How does it work?: You select a genre and fill out a questionnaire so that the lovely team at Prudence and the Crow know what your book tastes are.

Genre I would select: Science Fiction.

Why?: I have been growing in excitement towards Science Fiction books in recent months. I am going to be reading and reviewing Ender’s Game as well as The Time Traveler’s Wife.

Ships internationally?: Yes!

Website: Prudence and the Crow

Box #2- Books and a Brew

I also found this box on the internet and really liked how simple it is. There isn’t a lot of things included within the box so I feel that may appeal to readers who just want something simple to explore.

Price for subscription: £12.99 a month, one off box £14.99.

How does it work?: You sign up and they do the rest.

Ships internationally?: Only the UK and any countries in the EU apart from Spain, Italy and Portugal.

Other information: You must be 18+ to subscribe to this box. I’m very very veryyyyyyy close to that now so I’m excited!

Website: Book and a Brew

Box #3- Illumicrate

I started seeing videos of my favourite vloggers (Sasha AKA abookutopia) unboxing one of these and I fell in love with it. I was interested to find out more! Each box contains one book which is mainly a YA book but can be subject to change and some free goodies including bookmarks, candles and notebooks.

Price for subscription: £29.99 per box, four boxes a year.

How does it work?: You sign up and they do the rest.

Ships internationally?: Yes but does include additional shipping costs depending where you live.

Website: Illumicrate

Box #4- FairyLoot

I took part in FairyLoot’s first ever Twitter chat yesterday with the author that was featured in the March box, made a ton of new friends and fell in love with the box. FairyLoot is a monthly subscription box containing a YA hardback book recently published and goodies relating to what the theme of the month will be! There can also be signed goodies too from the author featured in the box.

Price for subscription: £24.50 for a single box, £72.50 for a three month subscription.

How does it work?: You sign up and they do the rest.

Ships internationally?: Yes!

Website: FairyLoot

Box #5- The Willoughby Book Club

I saw this on the internet and really liked the variety of book subscription gifts that you can choose from. Either for yourself or for someone else.

Price for subscription: Depends on which subscription programme you go with. Cheapest is £29.99 up to £44.99.

How does it work?: You select which programme and fill out a questionnaire.

Ships internationally: Yes!

The programme that I would choose: The Bespoke Book Club.

Why?: The variety of genres that they offer within this club appeal to me.

Website: The Willoughby Book Club


That concludes my post! Thank you all for reading. Here are my various social media links:

Instagram: marriedtobooks44

Twitter: marriedtobooks3

Goodreads: Marriedtobooks44

Have a great day!

Alice x



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