Introducing Something New!

So, a few weeks ago whilst browsing my Goodreads account and all of the reading lists (you should friend me there, it’s Marriedtobooks44), I realised that reviewing books the way I was setting this blog out to be was going to be an issue. I had no idea that categories and tags exist, until now… cue major facepalm since I’ve had this blog running for nine weeks now.

But because my Review TBR list is huge and includes books that I brought myself, not just from publishers, I could see the difficulty in posting reviews and myself getting mixed up about where the reviewed book came from, like into my hands either as a giveaway prize or spending a ton of cash on it. So, that’s why I have decided to split my reviews out! This is how it will work.

Any title with Alice’s Reviews in will be books that I have won in giveaways or sent an ARC copy of by the author/publisher for read and review. And any title with Books I Own in will be books that I previously purchased myself or were given to me as presents. All of the posts will have the relevant tags in so they will be easy to access and also for me when it comes to sorting out my posts.

This spring break will consist of a lot of reviews and reading so stay tuned!

Alice x



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