I’m Home When I Am In A Bookstore

For me, my love of books has spanned for well over a decade. At the tender age of just two, I was reading phone books and writing/speaking long numbers out loud to my parents who were just as amused as I was back then.

But where do I really feel at home? Obviously being under the roof of the home that belongs to you is home. The famous saying is that “Home is where the heart is.” And I agree with that but in my case, there is more than one place that I call home and all of them involve books. For this blog post, I will be talking about those places that I call home.

The title of this post is obvious, any bookstore that I walk into whether it be Waterstones or an independent bookstore, I immediately take in the sights of long, tall bookshelves stacked high with books. Fiction or non-fiction, my eyes cast over the front covers and spines of the books on display. Where I’m from in England, there’s a bookstore that is on three floors but I don’t go to all three floors. I stay on the main floor because that is where all of my reading material that I read can be found.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind the sights of strangers sitting in these leather chairs holding a few books that they are flicking through and deciding what to buy but I prefer when no one is close to me at all and that includes being in the same section. I like to talk to myself quietly as I read the blurbs off the backs of books without any funny glances heading my way. I have two favourite sections at this bookstore and the particular thing is that both are next to each other on the same floor.

The first is the Sci-Fi/Fantasy section because there’s some pretty neat book covers in there. I like to look for any books written by Douglas Adams (I’m reading The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy for a local book club at the moment, review on my blog during my half-term break!) and George R R Martin.

The second and other one is the Young Adult section and this is where I look on every shelf, pulling out book after book, looking at the covers and blurbs with a smile. There are sale tables right at the front of this section so normally I look at them first before heading over to the main bookshelves. I could literally spend hours across both sections reading books because why not? I will put that as a goal to achieve on my bucket list then…

There are other bookstores that I frequently visit such as a couple of charity ones as well as an independent bookstore that sells a lot of signed book copies and have frequent author and guest visits. It’s not where the main shops are in my home city, it’s tucked away at the top of the city but my family love going there and buying books.

On travels with my family and on road trips, I always go somewhere with books. There has to be at least one bookstore or a charity shop at least so I can go and get some books. I would struggle to find books if there was no shop anywhere 😦

I also have a Kindle if you guys were wondering and he will soon have the honour of his own blog post here! It’s coming for you very very soon.

Other places that I call home are libraries, my dad works in one as a library assistant. I love that he gets paid to shelve and read books since I would be one of the first to know if any new books arrive in. And… my bedroom which has over 400+ books in! I’m not just a blogger/reviewer, I collect books too but seriously though, I’ve been accused in the past of being a hoarder and that’s simply not true. If you are passionate about collecting something worthwhile, you do it otherwise, you let the hoarder thing get to you, you’re basically a coward. Well… I do let other things get to me but not books though!

Any places other than home that you call home? Feel free to share in the comments section!

Alice x


4 thoughts on “I’m Home When I Am In A Bookstore

  1. There’s a bookshop in Blandford (where we used to live), very small from the outside, but spread over three floors in a very old building. The floors are uneven; the bookshelves are wonky; books aren’t categorised at all and it’s a huge adventure to find a specific book. Just blissful to browse with no particular aim in mind and let time pass, until the owner starts to cough loudly and rattle his locking-up keys.

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