You’ve Got Mail! (Bookmail that is)

Whenever I hear my iPad ping with a new email or whether I spot the postman at the door holding a massive parcel with my name on it, I get very excited. Because, you know just what it may be (or not in some cases).

For around a fortnight, I’ve seen a terrific boost in views, follows and likes across my blog and also on my Twitter account which is @marriedtobooks3. I can’t thank everyone on the online community enough for their support and excitement towards my blog and my reading ambitions. On my Goodreads account alone, I’ve had multiple authors now message me because they’ve seen my blog and have asked me if I would be interested in reading and reviewing their stories. As a reviewer, I never like to restrict myself to reviewing just one genre of books. I read all genres. Reading helps me take my mind off a lot of things I guess, that is why I never find reading to be stressful. I am now busy with Goodreads authors and publishers in reading and reviewing a number of books for them. I was very excited to hear from Barrington Stoke Publishers this afternoon after I spotted a free summer sampler containing first chapters (first few chapters) of YA stories coming out this summer and a copy is now on its way to me after I contacted them over the weekend and asked for a copy!

There will be a blog post containing information about the stories included within the sampler and my thoughts on them. So, stay tuned! That should be out by the end of March at the very latest!

All of the stories that I am reviewing for authors on Goodreads is all digital so it does save time and money trying to send copies in the mail and in particular, for authors based outside of the UK where I live, the shipping costs can be extreme. All of the reviews for those stories will be posted here within the coming weeks.

I have another book that I won in a competition again by Maximum Pop Books where I won a copy of Kook that I reviewed on this blog. The review has been posted for around a week now and the support that you guys have shown on it has blown me away.

To be perfectly honest, I’ve always had a business brain and I have no idea where that comes from. It feels like I am running my own reading and reviewing book business. It sounds kind of strange but I am not like some teens my own age, I don’t go out clubbing, I prefer to stay indoors with a book.

Enough of the rambling, hope you are all having a good week and had a good weekend, I will check back in very soon!

Alice x


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