My Book Pet Peeves

This is a blog post full of honesty, if I break that trust, you have my permission to lock all of my books away! Well… we would have to negotiate on that. ūüėČ

In this post, I’m going to be talking with you readers about my book pet peeves, these are things that I want to avoid when picking up and reading a book. There are five pet peeves related to books that I will share here and you are more than welcome to comment if any of these book pet peeves are yours too and plus, share your own book pet peeves. Let’s get to the list!

1, Too Fast, Too Slow

There have been books I’ve read and when I wrote stories in the past, I did fall into this trap a bit. But yes, stories that have an uneven flow to it can really deter¬†me from the story plotline and the events that are happening. I don’t mind a tad bit of instalove but I don’t want to see plotlines of a man and woman who meet and the following day, they get engaged. I feel that’s too fast. On the otherhand, I don’t want to see a man and woman meet but nothing happens for a very long time. Notice how I used the word Very.

2, There’s books before this one?…

When you pick up a really good book, start to read it and all of a sudden, all of these characters play a role and the plotline refers back to stuff that happened previously that you don’t recall seeing. Yet, it says nowhere on or in the book that it is part of a series. I’ve experienced that a few times, I don’t like to be mislead like that.

3, No warning signs

Stories that include scenes of a violent nature, sex, gore and yet, there’s nothing on or in the book to warn readers. Some readers may be uncomfortable with things like that, I personally don’t like too much gore.

4, Nice cover…weird story

I’ve seen some beautiful looking book covers in my time which attract me to the book. But when I start to read the actual story… yeah, my excitement dies down. This was before I started taking reviews into account before I read and purchased books.

5, Words repeated over and over

When a single page of text uses the same word at least twenty times over to describe something or when there is dialogue. That sets me off into a fit of yawns.

This post is short, it is more of a¬†rant but I would like to share my thoughts on what I don’t like when it comes to books as well as what I love when it comes to books. Reading is a huge part of¬†my life and when I created my blog, I wanted to write a variety of posts. This is different from the others because you readers¬†get to see a different side of my views.

Thanks for reading!

Alice x


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