The #BaileysPrize Longlist- My Reactions

How I found out about the longlist for the Baileys Prize- I was in class, during a quick break, went on my Twitter, saw the hashtag trending and the two massive piles of selected books, fangirled so hard and wished that I could have gone to a bookstore and brought them all instead of staring at a computer screen trying to conquer my designing issues.

Seeing the longlist and all twenty books was just a pure delight. I love it when shortlists and longlists for competitions and awards like The Baileys Prize happen because you get to see what books are the best of the best and extreme celebrations with the Literature and Publishing communities on Social Media. I know a few of the authors from the longlist but not all of them. However, all of the stories look fantastic in their own way. So, here’s a photo of the twenty longlisted books which was posted on the official Bailey’s Prize Twitter account of the selected books.

Baileys Prize Longlist

Any books there that immediately caught your eye? Any in those two piles that you’ve read? If so, feel free to message in the comments section below your favourites and what ones you are interested in reading! It would be pretty cool to start a discussion on this because I don’t know about you, but I’m excited to see who will be crowned the winner this coming June 🙂

Alice x




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