Stumbling Onto Swoon Reads

When you see a selection of new stories to read online, your gut instinct tells you to go and take a look since you never know what you may discover within the pages of online stories. But this website allows you, the reader, the user of the site to heart and review your favourites in giving the author one step closer to their dream: A publishing contract.

Described as, “The X-Factor of E-book Publishing” by, Swoon Reads is an online website allowing users to upload copies of their story manuscripts providing that they meet the word limit and criteria for other readers and writers to read and the user has control over which stories they like the most and would like to see published. Then, the Swoon Reads team read every manuscript submitted to the site and select the top 3 or top 5 for example based on their favourite ones but also based on what the readers on the site feel. They then award a publishing contract and the selected manuscripts will be published and made available in bookstores, online, allowing an author to experience the world of publishing.

Currently on the site, there are 395 manuscripts uploaded. The main genre that they are looking for is Young Adult however, it can a YA Paranormal or a YA LGBT story for example. I’ve also seen during my time as a user on the site some NA stories (New-Adult stories). Based on the five star system, each reader can rate a manuscript out of five hearts. Five hearts means that the manuscript is swoonworthy, they loved it and would buy basically 10 copies of the book should it be selected for publishing. One heart means that they didn’t like it, would never read another book by that author again.

There are a wide range of manuscripts on the site. Authors are allowed to have up to three on their profile at any one time. The manuscripts must be completed and the author as far as I know should not be in a publishing contract or deal to submit. Some manuscripts have been uploaded onto other online writing sites like Movellas for example.

The website itself is very easy to navigate. To make an account on Swoon Reads doesn’t cost you a penny and there’s no word limit for a review either. So, when you review a manuscript, you can write a sentence or a 1000 word review. It’s up to you.

What manuscripts have been selected then? One answer: Quite a few. Over the last three years or so, authors that have been selected have joined the world of publishing and have been incredibly successful. Marketing is key to getting your manuscript out there. Here’s a list of the authors that were selected and the books that they have published or will be published in the next year or so:

Sandy Hall- A Little Something Different, Signs Point To Yes, Been Here All Along

Jenny Elliot- Save Me

Katie Van Ark- The Boy Next Door

Temple West- Velvet

Kimberly Karalius- Love Fortunes and Other Disasters, Love Charms and Other Catastrophes, First Kisses and Other Misfortunes

Karole Cozzo- How To Say I Love You Out Loud, How To Keep Rolling After A Fall

Tarun Shanker and Kelly Zekas- These Vicious Masks

Kate Evangelista- No Love Allowed, No Holding Back

Cindy Anstey- Love, Lies and Spies

Jenn P Nguyen- The Way To Game The Walk Of Shame

Danika Stone- All The Feels

Kiara London- Kiss Cam

Kristen Orlando- You Don’t Know My Name

Shani Petroff- Romeo and What’s Her Name

L E DeLano- Traveler

Jen Wilde- What Happens At SupaCon

Tiffany Pitcock- Just Friends

Hanna Nowinski- Meg & Linus

Alyssa Brandon- The Hard Mate

Katy Upperman- Kissing Max Holden

Lydia Albano- Finding You

That is the current list that within the next month or so, will be added to. The reason being is that Swoon Reads are in another selection window at the moment so some more new books and authors will join those on the selected books list. Once the selections have been announced from this window, I will post a blog post about it right here so all of you will join in with the celebrations.

I am also trying my hardest to be able to review ARC copies from Swoon Reads of some of the books on the list before they get released. I do have experience reviewing ARCs for authors such as on Goodreads and through Twitter so I do know quite a bit about any up and coming authors/books.

If you want to have a look at the website, the link is right here-

Alice x




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