Distractions, Distractions

What happens when you’ve written hundreds possibly thousands of words and then, you feel like you are all dried up and can’t write anymore? It’s called a writing slump and I’ve sadly had lots of them. I don’t want to share lots of private information on my blog about what is happening in my life, it’s too much of a rollercoaster to bare. But recently, during class and even out and about with family and friends, I get distracted. Not in a negative way but rather in a thoughtful way.

Without trying to share bad things about myself and my attitude, recently, I’ve discovered that during the worst possible times, I find that I get more away from reality and into dreamland. Books provide a comfort that I don’t find from anything else, I love music but sometimes, it can be hard to try and find the perfect song that matches my mood and speaks out to me. When it comes to books, it’s a whole different story.

We all have things that we worry about, I worry about my constant Anxiety, my health, my work, people that I know and love. It stops you from doing the things that you have to do. So, for example, if you have to complete a assignment to a deadline and because you feel like you don’t want to think about it and the people/items surrounding it, it’s easy to slip in motivation and just do things that are total opposites to the task at hand.

It’s worrying me and everyone close to me how easy it is to slip out of someone’s good books. Throughout my life, I’ve tried to be the modal student, the teacher’s pet type of thing. It’s due to my shyness and how I was brought up to be. I’m not typing this at the best of times now, but it just frustrates me when I can’t do anything regarding the task because my mind is elsewhere. I try to avoid being in trouble, but now, I’m two foot deep in trouble.

I love this blog, it’s a part of me. I work hard and want to try and succeed. But when things take a nosedive with no sign of a recovery option, it’s like you are drowning in the big blue ocean with no means of escape.

I need to find the solutions to my distractions, I need to discover me and I hope that by keeping this blog, I can do that so I feel like I’ve overcome some of my demons.

Alice x


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2 thoughts on “Distractions, Distractions

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