This Book Chilled Me To The Bone

I’ve watched many shows in the past like CSI and 48 Hours and how the authorities conduct missing person investigations and unsolved cases. When I picked up the book that I will be talking about in this post one day, I felt like I had left Earth altogether and was with the main character trying to be like her sister.

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold is set in 1970s America and is told from the perspective of Susie Salmon. On a cold day in December 1973, she gets murdered by a local man in her neighbourhood and is now up in Heaven. From Heaven, she can see everything that goes on including the life of her family and friends but even though she wants to be there, she can’t. As the years go on by, she witnesses new loves, new friends, tears, divorce. The fun things that Susie didn’t do that she wanted to.

What chilled me was how Susie got murdered and the things that happened to her family and the guy who murdered her afterwards. It made me realise that life is precious, you never know just what might happen to you or the ones that you love. Because of this, you need to take everything in life that gets thrown at you but never be afraid to ask for help.

Love is precious, it’s a gift. I’m still waiting for the guy that I could call my love. Susie in this story has a crush and I can relate to that as I have had crushes on boys too. It’s nice to have pleasant dreams to make you smile during hard times. But getting the ‘goosebump moment’ whilst reading The Lovely Bones made me realise that this story is constructed well and you as the reader feel something. As if Susie herself was sitting right next to you and speaking the words out loud.

Alice x image


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