Thoughts on Red Queen

Oh. My. God.

Red Queen blew my mind… Literally. Credit to the author for creating such a suspenseful, action packed read to enjoy on a boring train journey. One of my favourite YA books I’ve ever read. All I need in my life right now is the sequel Glass Sword. What I love about Red Queen is it actually gave off vibes that I experienced whilst reading The Hunger Games trilogy which is my favourite trilogy of all time. The world building was amazing, I could easily picture it in my mind as I kept turning the pages.

Not wanting to give spoilers away but with adventure, royal affairs somewhat, betrayal and power, Red Queen has it all. What a way to blow off my reading slump after reading a couple of bad books.

I have no complaints other than I wish Red Queen becomes a movie, it has to become a movie. I would totally go and see it. Yes readers, I’m a total fangirl, roll on Glass Sword!

Copied over from my Goodreads profile. Five star read!

Alice x


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