The Oxford Experience-A Baby Book Haul

This is the third new post of mine today and it revolves around the Oxford trip that I briefly mentioned in the post where I won the book Kook. This is before I knew that I had won the book so, we have to turn back the clocks here.

It was on my mum’s birthday, the 18th that both of my parents and myself went by train to Oxford. My mission was simple. To track down three books that bloggers were raving about, get copies and then do a victory dance on the train coming home. That’s not quite what happened. Taking in the sights and sounds of central Oxford was pretty amazing. I was called Alice after the character Alice from Alice in Wonderland which is one of my mum’s favourite childhood books. In Oxford, the one place you really have to go to is the Alice shop. It’s small but filled with Alice in Wonderland gifts and objects. I personally don’t mind being named Alice especially after the main character in a book but my favourite name for a girl is actually Rose. Enough of names, let’s get to the books!

I had a budget to spend and I went crazy in Blackwell’s bookshop. The people who worked there were really helpful in finding me the books that I was looking for originally. But… My plan changed. The three books I had in mind… Well, I only walked away with one of the original three. Let me explain.

Blackwell’s was running this 3 for 2 book deal. Two of the books that I picked up from the three I wanted weren’t in the deal but one of them was. So, on the advice of my parents, I put those two back and went for the 3 for 2. And the three books that I selected were…

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. This is an Adult Science Fiction story inspired by the temperature at which book paper catches fire at. I am slowly trying to branch into Science Fiction and the cover of the story as well as the premise caught my eye. The story revolves around Guy. He is a fireman but not the typical fireman that you see today. His job involves burning books since in the story world for Fahrenheit 451, all books are strictly forbidden. If you defy the rules of this world by reading books, you are going to be in serious trouble. The story blurb also compares Fahrenheit 451 to 1984 by George Orwell which I read a few years ago.

Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief by Rick Riordan. Now, in the bookshop, this was placed in the ages 9-12 section so no wonder I got some strange looks from these gossipy teens when they saw me there looking at younger kids book. This book is the first in a series of six books, the genre is YA Fantasy/Adventure. The main character is a 12 year old boy called Percy Jackson who lives in New York City. On a school trip, he learns a big secret about his heritage. He is known as a demigod and because of this, he must embark on this adventure to prevent a war between three of the gods. I saw the film trailer and wasn’t too impressed. My best friend half told me off, half encouraged me to try Percy Jackson saying that it was a great story and don’t be put off by the film so. I listened to her, thanks best friend.

An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir. This is a YA Fantasy novel which I know a little bit about but not too much detail. It is set in a futuristic world where a teen girl Laia is trying her brother from the torment of prison and a solder who wants to break free from a regime that he doesn’t agree with. Both of them meet and any wrong move could kill Laia’s brother and harm the life of Laia and the solder called Elias. The front cover for this book is in my words, stunning. It also compared An Ember in the Ashes to the Game of Thrones books which I have a strong interest in.

The final book related bit about the Oxford trip was that myself and my parents were walking back towards Waterstones when I caught sight of someone I remembered well. It was one of my favourite authors Jacqueline Wilson! I met her in 2009 in a Literature festival but she looked well. My first split second thought was to start screaming but I didn’t want to cause a rumpus because that sometimes upsets authors and celebrities so I whispered to my mum and dad that I saw her. They saw her too and we walked on by. Seeing her definitely made my year.

Next post will be my thoughts on the YA novel Red Queen which I managed to read on the train journey to Oxford and throughout the rest of that day!

Alice x



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