First Time Winning A Book

This is today’s second new entry about a big surprise that landed on the doorstep on the day of my mum’s birthday. And she honestly thought that it was an extra birthday present. Well, it wasn’t. And here’s the story behind it.

The other night, I was on my twitter (it’s @marriedtobooks3 if you are interested) just having a look at any book related competitions or news. Keeping up with the whole Literature scene and all when my eyes caught sight of a tweet. This tweet stated that they were looking for 10 readers who would be interested in reading and reviewing a copy of a book that wasn’t even out in the UK yet. To do this, you needed to fill out a form and the draw would be done randomly. I entered and thought nothing of it. Until…

The Thursday just gone. I had just returned from a trip to Oxford (more about it in my next post) and I was blooming tired. The constant busy trains were driving me mad and I was actually pumped with excitement after reading a YA Fantasy book Red Queen (will be posting my thoughts over on this blog shortly). So, my dad opens the door. There’s a few birthday cards for my mum, some junk mail and… A white parcel with my name on it. Stamped to the top was Harpercollins Publishers and their logo. By this point, my heart was pounding.

Mum’s first reaction was to go, “Alice, did you order something?” I shook my head, wondering what on earth it could be. Then! That eureka moment when you feel a lightbulb just switching on above your head. I started screaming, “I won! I won!” Of course, my parents had no idea what I was talking about until the item in the parcel along with a note slipped out into the palm of my hand. I was one of the lucky 10 in the UK to get a final version of a YA novel that isn’t even out yet. My face was beaming from ear to ear and normally, I don’t win anything at all. So, here’s to the book I won.

It’s called Kook and the author is called Chris Vick. He completed a master’s degree in Creative Writing at Bath Spa University and this is his second novel. Kook is about a boy called Sam. He’s fifteen, and has to move from the bright lights of his home city to a place by the sea. He meets a girl called Jade who is a surfer and she has this obsession that could potentially harm her life. It’s a love story but not a sit down, cosy love story. It’s a potentially heart-racing one. The release date for this story is September 2016 so I got Kook seven months before general sale which is crazy. I will be posting my review here on this blog and on the site Goodreads.

You never know what surprises may just be lurking around the corner. I’m going to leave you now with a picture of my new book and note that came with it.

Alice x



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