Name and Shame!- Stories I couldn’t Finish #1

imageMy reading year so far hasn’t been brilliant. And this book was no exception. Sarah Mussi’s YA novel Riot proved to be too gruesome of a read. Let me stress potential readers, there’s going to be a lot of disturbing scenes in this one. Made past the first few chapters before DNFing the novel. Before I picked this one up, I read a ton of mixed reviews on Goodreads and Amazon with the majority being two stars or lower. I was interested in the plotline of Riot but is this another Divergent or Hunger Games in the making? No. I read a wide variety of books but I’ve never read one that made me feel sick in my mouth and throat. I’m not saying avoid this story like the plague but for anyone who has a strong heart and keen to read stories like this, try it. Easygoing read? I wouldn’t agree. Two/five stars and a DNF.



4 thoughts on “Name and Shame!- Stories I couldn’t Finish #1

  1. Hi Alice! It is no shame to not finish a book that is too gruesome or gory to read. I ran into them a few times when I was a reviewer with a book review company, and I just had to cancel the review. It was tough to cancel the reviews, but sometimes the graphic nature of a story is just too much to handle.

    I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. Hopefully this brightens your day because you have a wonderful blog!

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  2. Nothing wrong with DNF books. Sometimes the time just isn’t right. Sometimes it never will be. Other times it will. Put them away in case such a time comes. Brilliant writing, Alice. Great that you have made reading into something worthwhile in its own right, instead of something that is either compulsory (in school) or just to while away time, when waiting for something else to come along. Quite a few books were killed stone dead for me through reading out loud in turn at school. Only now that I am revisiting them … Of Human Bondage is one; there are others.

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