Getting The Trilogy

For those of you who follow my blog, you may remember me mentioning that I managed to do a deal with a bookshop owner (who runs an independent bookshop about fifteen minutes away from where I live) over a set of books. Well, last night, I finally got my hands on them. Yay!

Just a refresher for anyone who may be new, I spotted a book on the sale table for just £1 that really caught my eye. At first, I thought that it was the second book in this trilogy since I knew it quite well. However, on inspection with my mum and the bookshop owner, it was the final book in the trilogy. Bad news was that the bookshop didn’t stock the first two books and I felt a little downhearted. I pictured myself sitting by the computer at home making a somewhat expensive order to get the other two books and having to wait a century for them to arrive. Good news was that I happened to mention I review and blog about books and the bookshop owner said that he could get the other two books to me within five days for a discounted price. I was thrilled.

One lesson learnt. Always go to a bookshop later on in the day when it’s empty. Plenty of book deals made then 😉

So, on Tuesday afternoon, we got a phone call from the bookshop to say that the books had arrived but my dad wasn’t able to pick them up until yesterday. It felt great reading the trilogy at last. I first saw it back in summer 2014 when a twitter user tweeted about how good it was so by then, I was more than determined to get the trilogy but for a good price.

And the trilogy is called… The Slated Trilogy by Teri Terry! It’s YA, futuristic, adventure, dystopian feels somewhat. I don’t know about you but the book cover for the first book looked absolutely gorgeous. So, I’ll leave a picture of it here to finish my blog post. I’ll hopefully be posting my review of the trilogy altogether on my blog as well as separate reviews for each of the books in the trilogy on Goodreads by the end of February at least. I’m working on another reading project that you will hear about on a different blog post. I will try to post that later or tomorrow. Alice



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