My Obsession with Instagram and YouTube

It’s funny, it’s so, so funny. And addictive. *sighs* but let’s get down to business!

What I love about Instagram is the millions of book pictures and posts by authors, book stores, book bloggers, everything booktastic is there. I still haven’t decided on my favourite Bookstagram (basically stands for an Instagram profile with books and reading matters on it) profile but with YouTube, that’s a totally different story!

I follow like 12 booktubers or book related accounts. I’ve picked out my top six just for you!

First is Penguin Platform. They are a channel run by some people from the publishers Penguin and it is designed for Young Adult readers. They run book giveaway contests every month with five brand new books. I entered in January’s haul so my fingers are crossed to see who will win the five books. There’s a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction on offer.

Next is Little Book Owl also known as Catriona. I love her book hauls and videos. She is really passionate about books and loves YA fiction just like me!

Then, we have Katytastic! Kat’s book collecting is just amazing, everytime she does a new book haul, my jaw literally drops because I either fangirl because a book she got is one of my favourites or she gets a story with a gorgeous book cover that I swoon or jump for joy at.

I do follow this person on Goodreads as well. Her name is Kassidy Voinche and all I can say is: Give me your bookshelves. No seriously Kassidy, your taste in books is just off the charts. On display, she has lots of gorgeous hardcover copies of books like Divergent and other YA Fiction.

I follow a male booktuber and his channel name is Jessethereader. I enjoy watching his book hauls the most as well as bookshelves tours since I like readers/book collectors that collect a wide variety of things.

Finally, my personal favourite. Wait for it, wait for it… SASHA AKA ABOOKUTOPIA!! Yay! My mum very recently told me that because my room is going to get redone since it is basically looking like a rubbish tip that I could have the same bookshelves as here! Β I’m super excited to get them and give my book piles on the floor their new home. I love her taste in books too and her videos are always a great joy to watch. She’s passionate and funny, she reviews books on Goodreads. She’s really well known on the booktuber scene. My personal favourite video of hers was a book haul with over 40 books in! Thanks for giving me dreams with books in for a week afterwards girl! πŸ˜‰

Check them out and if you really want to see book candy, just search on YouTube Book Haul and enjoy! πŸ™‚




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